Shipping the BEST

GlassGoldSquThe apple-growing regions of this country have begun producing some brilliant ciders. Of course, we favor the delicious few made from purpose-grown apples – fruits that carry certain un-fakeable pleasures of place and time into your glass.
CIDER BUBBLE 2rect?? But those labels are hard to find in the cidersplosion of megabig & ummm – manufactured?  flavorized? eye-catching? – brands now fighting for shelf-space and brain-space.
LDScidrboxLogoBark-151Guess what! CIDRBOX , a new startup, has ID’d the quietly greatest American ciders and started shipping them. Kind of a ‘cider of the month’ club, but totally flexible. Our own bottles will be featured there in September but we’re saying: check this out now, even if you’re not an FHC fan.  You’ll see beautiful choices.
Your inner pleasure-seeker will thank you. Also your inner health nut.  If you harbor an inner overindulger, note that orchard ciders bestow much nicer hangovers than most intoxicants… Just kidding but – the Founding Fathers drank lots of cider and built great resumes. Click here! See if you live in one of the 30 states that allow retail cider shipping. Ramble through the best neighborhood in ciderspace.
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