Video Flashback

type_videoDo you know The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan? Wonderful book, very good documentary film. Brenda (chief of office & retail, in-house photographer) just discovered that PBS generously keeps the movie plus extras available on line. Sticking with our 2016 resolution to brag more, below find the link to one of BoD’s three BONUS VIDEOS – the one about Farnum Hill! (Would this be wagging a dog by one-third of its tail?) Hit this link for the PBS page where you can see the whole film and all the bonus videos. We’re told it’s bad marketing to offer on our website any reason to leave our website. But so what, this is good material – it might move you to read the book!  Anyway, Steve and Louisa were somewhat younger but just as well-groomed when this was made.        LDS
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