Bragging is good, we’ve learned.

FarnumHillFarmhouseFIRST:  FH Farmhouse, our delicious, dry, economical but hearty bittersweet blend, has been singled out by Food & Wine on line as one of their favorite 30 ciders.  Better yet, Food & Wine introduced the whole list this way:

“As complex as wine and as drinkable as beer, ciders also have a unique quality all their own—which, believe it or not, doesn’t have anything to do with tasting like apple juice. (You wouldn’t want a wine that tastes like grape juice, would you?) Forget the six-packs (mostly*), Here are 30 ciders that will help any American instantly step up their appreciation of the world of handcrafted cider.”

It’s dee-lightful to see Food & Wine using their giant megaphone to amplify the message so many great cidermakers have been trying to send: there’s no more reason to hunt for apple flavors in good ciders than there is to hunt for grape flavors in good wine! Because they’ve each been made by the same process! (BTW the bulk of commercial ciders, which do taste of apple, are dosed with apple concentrate after fermentation so they will taste of apple …)
*& A Heads-Up: The number of exceptional ciders in cans is rising. In the “better beverage” worlds – beer, cider and wine – cans are climbing the prestige scale. Demanding drinkers seem to be accepting that cans no longer signal mediocre contents.
SECOND, AT THE SAME TIME:  Travel & Leisure listed us among nineteen best places in the country to pick apples, HERE.  Brenda’s beautiful tabletop picture (left) appeared alongside this recommendation. Which is odd, because she also sent them many beautiful pictures of apple-picking. But it’s braggable!
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