Turbulence in CiderSpace

CIDER BUBBLE 2rect?? EXPLOSION OF NEW CIDER BRANDS! HOW CAN ORCHARD CIDER SALES GROW?  Well, we’re nervous. Our fruit is scarce and available once a year!  We prize sensory pleasures unique to certain orchards!  We can’t buy big marketing! Aughh! There’s nothing wrong with ciders from concentrate or storage apples. But they have the advantage of unlimited supply. If they seize the attention of every cider explorer out there, how will new cider-drinkers find us?  Beer companies in particular are hopping into cider with zingy package design, seasonal novelty, bro-ish sales campaigns!*  The number of American cider drinkers is up maybe 15%, market-share-wise, while the number of new American cider brands is up several hundred percent (the most extreme estimate is 1000%) with more planned.    
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