Thanks & HNY!

Find these and Kingston Black at the show.

Find these and Kingston Black at the show.


Happy New Year! Another  harvest past, another winter solstice and holiday season past.  We felt the increasing popularity of real orchard-based ciders in 2014 – winter, spring, summer, fall and holiday! 
To people countrywide who began drinking fine orchard-made ciders during 2014: thanks not just from us but also from all our friends making distinctive ciders from distinctive fruit in distinctive ways. New cider orchards are being planted! American ciders will become more and more satisfying! Local cider character will begin to emerge in the next few years… let’s hope.

Closer to home, we thank all the people who physically came up our hill for apples and cider (fresh or fermented): we’re glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Here on our northern slopes, we’re  wishing for a cold winter, a timely and gradual spring, and a benign 2015 growing season. Hoping your wishes come true!

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