Summer’s here, get your Dooryard!

Some Farnum Hill fans might not be happy at this very moment….we’re not making Summer Cider in 2015. So if you’re accustomed to the off-dry, fruity taste of Summer Cider and need your fix, we’d like to recommend that you give our Dooryard a whirl. The current Dooryard, 1502 in the Dooryard Series, drinks like a happy marriage between our Summer and SemiDry blends. 

In our notes, this off-dry, bubbly DY 1502 greets the nose with sweet orange, orange peels, sour cherry and bittersweet apple, maybe some black tea, cream and a weird nice aroma of clean-ness. The flavors lead with bright acid over broad bitterness, barely perceptible sweetness, complex pear, apple, and quince, a touch of marmalade, braced with astringency. In the finish, acid keeps the lead, with fruit carrying from the palate and reappearing from the nose. 

It’s been distributed widely; don’t forget to spin the bottle to check the back label for your Dooryard Batch #. 

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