Preview Fall ’17

Photo by Scott McIntyreNothing beats September in NH to cheer us all up at summer’s end. The apple crop up here is growing steadily & looking good.
However, we may or may not open on Labor Day weekend. This has been a cool-ish growing season, which tends to delay ripening and harvest. So keep an eye on the signs at the bottom of Poverty Lane, the Valley News, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We’ll put the word out when we decide on Opening Day 2017! And never hesitate to call us at 603/448-1511.
cidrboxLogoBark-151Meanwhile, you might look up our first mail-order cider venture, also starting in September via the fabulous  Check out the panorama of American orchard ciders already shipping from cidrbox – it’s been years since we FHC crackpots were lonely in ciderspace. Much better to see it populated with so many unique, well-made, orchard-grown ciders country-wide.
Even the jiggy alco-pop zones of ciderspace guide some explorers toward the slow, leafy, orchard-anchored brands.  But cidrbox offers a one-hop trip.
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