CLOSED for 2013

DYFrmLawn1Sunday November 24th was the last retail day of 2013, frigidly cold with light snow swirling in with anyone who opened the door. The immediate forecast: colder, enough to freeze apples inside the packing room.  So we’re done. Growler Day goes on winter tempo, see Quick Lookup above. But the old honesty box is closed for another year. We thank all of you who came up the hill on any day this season, it was a good one. Best wishes for the holidays!



The retail stand is in the packing room now, & hours are SHORTER on weekdays.



Retail has moved to the quiet November setup some of you know and love. Follow the arrows once you’ve come into the yard. As usual there are still lots of delightful apple varieties to taste and choose from. We had the first solid freeze Wednesday night October 30th, so any apples on the trees won’t be in good shape. Birds like them. You’re free to walk around and try them, or just walk around — it’s still beautiful.  Squashes, syrup, shirts, books, fall treats, still here.

For the most current information on varieties and events, CALL: 603/448-1511 … we talk faster than we update the website!

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OLD NEWS OCTOBER Saturday the 12th, the Heirloom Orchard opened. Lots of people had a great time in there over the long weekend, but it’s still fun to explore.  Click Variety chart here.

The Basics:

In every harvest season, we offer many kinds of apples to pick, more kinds to taste and take home. Big, small, sour, sweet, red, green, yellow, gold, squeezed fresh for Poverty Lane sweet cider or squeezed & fermented for Farnum Hill ‘real’ ciders, the fruit you find here offers pleasure and surprise to just about everyone. (The land around here grows shockingly good apples, some of the best in the world — and some lovely pears too.)

Early on we offer ready-picked Ginger Golds and Paula Reds, pick-your-own Macs and Cortlands, plus Clapp’s Favorite pears. Soon the Macouns, Gala, and some early heirloom apples come on. More and more varieties of apples & two more kinds of pears ripen as September passes and October begins.

A few weeks into harvest, you can explore and pick in our amazing trial orchard, Two Below the Barn, containing dozens of different apple varieties, some early, some very late (variety chart here.)  Be aware that some varieties are coming on early this year, so the times on the chart may not apply in every case. Call! (603/448-1511)

So visit often for: unbelievably good fruit, free tastes of everything we grow or make, free wagon rides on fair weekends, picnic tables all the time, views across the valley, acres of space inside a big fence (kids can run far, but can’t get lost). Local pumpkins, gourds, squash, jams & jellies, but no candy racks, and no pressure.

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