Fall GoldRowBlurThe November retail stand will close for the season at dark on Tuesday, November 25th. Thank you for putting up with the late-harvest activity buzzing around while you served yourselves, and for all the nice messages in the notebook. Have a wonderful holiday season!

November retail is self-service, open from more or less 9AM till dark.  As of November 4th, follow signs to the long low building called the ‘packing room’ where many kinds of apples, sweet cider, squash and other good things will be available. NOT Farnum Hill Ciders, however, since leaving alcoholic beverages unsupervised is not legal.
         Extremely low temperatures – below twenty, say – force us to close the stand so the fruit on display won’t freeze! As usual, CALL if you seek specific varieties, to save yourself a trip if they’re sold out. 603/448-1511!

Apple trees are often the last to let their leaves go. We thank all our visitors for a happy retail harvest season.   Map & Directions       Contact


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