Berries ALL DONE!

Green rasp berriesSeveral hundred pounds of summer fruit did get out the gate this season. Thanks to all who joined the harvest! Have a great August and we’ll see you at apple time, right around Labor Day.


For future reference … summer 2017


MORNINGS Monday-Saturday: 7am to 11am

EVENINGS Monday-Sunday 4pm to 7pm

In other words, we hope to open morning and evening every day except Sundays, when we’re just open evenings 4-7pm.

Ideally, the field opens seven days a week, but actually it doesn’t. On ANY GIVEN DAY, you really must CALL (603) 448-1511 BEFORE TRAVELING UP HERE to pick raspberries.  Very often we have to change the hours because of bad weather or over-picking/slow ripening.  Also, kindly bring cash or check – we’re not set up for credit cards in this field. No kidding, use the phone! In real time! It’s the ONLY WAY to keep up with changing conditions. (Our summer reminder card comes out soon AFTER we open, worth the usual dollar discount.) To get on that mailing list, call or write  BRING YOUR FAVORITE CONTAINERS FOR TAKING FRUIT HOME. We will charge $1.00 for cardboard trays, $0.25 for pint containers.  WE LEND OUT PICKING PAILS that leave your two hands free.
Raspberries & BlackcurrantsBlackcurrant fanciers probably know that they ripen in a scattered fashion and that shaking them down onto a tray or towel is the best way to find the ripe ones.  There should be enough for you who understand them, because so few Americans do! They make brilliant jam and juice, (also cassis liqueur or cordials), and pack a lot of Vitamin C and other goodness.
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