Farmstand Alerts 2016

retail-packing-roomNOVEMBER 3: This is our post-harvest retail, which lasts until daytime temperatures get down to low 30’sF or we run out of good apples. So far there are several excellent varieties to choose from, plus squash, pumpkins etc. The whole thing works from an honesty box (on the left as you come in.) However, people who want Farnum Hill Ciders will find it easier and no more expensive to buy at the NH Liquor Stores, Hanover & Lebanon Food Co-ops, Hannaford’s West Leb or the Price Chopper West Leb. To buy FHC up here you have to find one of us because it’s not quite legal to offer unsupervised alcohol to the general public!   Questions? Call 603/448-1511.     OLD NEWS Fall Gold Trees at Poverty Lane OrchardsOCTOBER 19th:  Pick-your-own is pretty well finished.  The tent has loads of beautiful apples and other fall treats, of course (pumpkins!.) Also we just set up a nice half-mile walking tour which explains some of what visitors see here. And of course on fair weekends, there’s still the good old trailer for rides in and out of the field. This year Pick-Your-Own was much better exercise than usual.  Apple-heavy branches like this one were widely scattered, and fun to find!  We’ve often heard “The bags fill up so fast!” from folks coming out of the fields with their harvest – not in ’16! RECAP: Back in early April a freak frigid blast from the Polar Vortex  swept in one night and April Fooled a lot of apple buds that were just barely beginning to swell. Those buds quit the fruit business for 2016. But the apples that did come through taste fabulous. IMPORTANT re APPLE ZOO:   Since it opened October 1, people picked the few heirloom varieties thoroughly, cidermakers harvested bittersweets & bittersharps, and everyone found beautiful Macs & Cortlands on many of the trees. So 2BB was very nice & fun, just not crazy amazing as normal.  For next year, here’s a printable chart of the field:  Two Below the Barn Variety Chart farmstandhappypicnic The rest of these pictures are just for fun:  somebody’s Saturday lunch party on September 17th; pumpkins waiting in the barn for their turn pumpkinswaitingin the limelight; pumpkins one evening after closing time, all lined up in front of SUCH a sunset.   See you soon! pumpkinsunset-copy            
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