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Retail Barn WebMovedHOURS:
We’re all done with the post-harvest farm stand on Saturday evening, November 21.
Meanwhile, it’s open during daylight, except when temperatures are sub-25F.
There’s an honesty box & a place to write notes and weigh your purchases. Beautiful bags of orchard run apples, utilities, several varieties of heirlooms, squash, etc. No Farnum Hill Cider, though, because it’s not supervised. See Where to Buy for local sources!

CALL: 603/448-1511

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End October

There are still some excellent Golden Delicious to pick. No pumpkins left, though. We’re OUT of SWEET CIDR too.  We don’t know whether we can press more, with the crew working all-out to bring in apples ahead of damaging frost. Always CALL (603)448-1511 if you have a special purpose for visiting, because everything changes here all the time. (Often for the better.)
By “the stand moves” we mean our post-season honesty box arrangement in the packing room will, we hope, get set up on Sunday November 1, while we’re open for business. It will stay open daytimes, for as long as we have good fruit to offer, until the weather drops below apple-freezing temperatures.

Mid October

The picking in Two Below the Barn grew thin in the first few days after opening. (That’s the orchard with scores of varieties on numbered trees.) Call if you want to pick bittersweet cider apples though, they tend to be left behind. (Variety chart here.)
Elsewhere, the Golden Delicious are ready to pick, and amazingly good Macs and Cortlands are still hanging. The Macouns are getting hard to find in the orchard. As of October 17th, we’re getting toward the end of PYO.
But of course you can get the MacCortMac classics, among an ever-growing number  of ready-picked apple varieties, in the retail stand! And the free heirloom apple tasting is open every day. If you must have certain specific varieties, call ahead!
CALL 6o3/448-1511 about picking or buying or anything else! A disappointed pair left earlier this month because the Golden Delicious rows were not yet ready to pick. But orchards don’t act like retail stores, and some of the best apples take their time.


SweetCider4WebAnd our delicious sweet cider is tearing out of here as usual.
(One reason it’s so good is that it’s not pasteurized. But don’t worry, because no dropped apples go into our sweet cider – hence the micro-organism that caused all the trouble can not possibly get into the cider.)
On the Farnum Hill Cider side, the tasting corner is open 7 days a week too, and growler customers get $2 off each Thursday. PLEASE CALL WITH QUESTIONS:  Things change here all the time. We can’t update this website nearly as fast as we can talk. 603/448-1511! Really!
Map & Directions


In every harvest season, we offer many kinds of apples to pick, more kinds to taste and take home. Big, small, sour, sweet, red, green, yellow, gold, squeezed fresh for Poverty Lane sweet cider or squeezed & fermented for Farnum Hill ‘real’ ciders, the fruit you find here offers pleasure and surprise to just about everyone. (The land around here grows shockingly good apples, some of the best in the world — and some lovely pears too.)

Early on we offer ready-picked Ginger Golds and Paula Reds, pick-your-own Macs and Cortlands, plus Clapp’s Favorite pears. Soon the Macouns, Gala, and some early heirloom apples come on. More and more varieties of apples & two more kinds of pears ripen as September passes and October begins.

A few weeks into harvest, you can explore and pick in our amazing trial orchard, Two Below the Barn, containing dozens of different apple varieties, some early, some very late (variety chart here.)  Be aware that some varieties are coming on early this year, so the times on the chart may not apply in every case. Call! (603/448-1511)

So visit often for: unbelievably good fruit, free tastes of everything we grow or make, free wagon rides on fair weekends, picnic tables all the time, views across the valley, acres of space inside a big fence (kids can run far, but can’t get lost). Local pumpkins, gourds, squash, jams & jellies, but no candy racks, and no pressure.


GROWLER DAY takes on a different Fall form, since the orchard is open all week: 9am-6pm* on weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends and holidays, up to Halloween. Anyway, a Thirsty Thursday in the Fall gets you $2 off each growler refill!
*Actually when it starts to get dark early we go to 5pm weekdays too.

Then, back to not-so-scenic Growler Day, most Thursdays through winter, spring & summer, 12-6pm down in the cider room. Please check the calendar or join us on Facebook for specific growler info. (BRING ID if you join us in person, please.)

Map & Directions      Contact      More Harvest Info

What’s growler day? Cider orchards the world around sell their fermentations to locals who bring in refillable containers.  They’ve done it for centuries, we’ve done it for about five years now.  Here, you come taste through the ciders WEB Growler solo WEBon offer, buy a half-gallon growler for $3 if you need one, fill it for $12, refill on future Thursdays.  During these hours you can also buy any of the FH blends now in bottle.

P.S.  Kindly understand that we don’t redeem your growler bottles for the one-time charge of $3: the whole idea is for you to keep’em and keep refilling’em. (If you go off cider, pass the growlers along. They also convert very nicely into lamps.)

Also, find our adult-beverage Farnum Hill ciders locally in stores listed on the Where-To-Buy page: NH liquor stores, the Co-ops, Price Choppers, etc.
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