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GROWLER DAY takes on a different Fall form, since the orchard is open all week: 9am-6pm* on weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends and holidays, up to Halloween. Anyway, a Thirsty Thursday in the Fall gets you $2 off each growler refill!
*Actually when it starts to get dark early we go to 5pm weekdays too.

Then, back to good old not-so-scenic Growler Day, most Thursdays through winter, spring & summer, 12-6pm down in the cider room. Please check the calendar or join us on Facebook for specific growler info. (BRING ID if you join us in person, please.)

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What’s growler day? Cider orchards the world around sell their fermentations to locals who bring in refillable containers.  They’ve done it for centuries, we’ve done it for about five years now.  Here, you come taste through the ciders on offer, buy a half-gallon growler for $2 if you need one, fill it for $12, refill on future Thursdays.  During these hours you can also buy any of the FH blends now in bottle.

P.S.  Kindly understand that we don’t redeem the one-time $3 fee for your growler bottles: the whole idea is for you to keep’em and keep refilling’em. (If you go off cider, pass them along to others. They also convert very nicely into lamps.)

Also, find our alcoholic Farnum Hill ciders locally in stores listed on the Where-To-Buy page: NH liquor stores, the Co-ops, Price Choppers, etc.





2103 Retail Recap: Raspberries done July 30th.

2012 Retail Recap: Raspberries done July 28, Fall fruits November 18.

Pick-Your-Own RASPBERRIES, & BLACKCURRANTS were excellent while they lasted. This was not a bumper berry year.

The pie cherries were nipped in the bud during April, unfortunately.


DYFrmRd4In 2012, Sunday November 18 was the last day of self-service fruit retail up here. It just got too cold for the fruit to sit out (we would have closed it the day before Thanksgiving anyway).

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