Welcome to Harvest!

98 Poverty Lane signsThe picking in “Two Below” became pretty thin after only a few days open. (That’s the one with scores of varieties on numbered trees.) Lots and lots of people went through over Columbus Day weekend. But some people still head down happily with chart and a pole picker. Call if you were thinking of picking bittersweet cider apples though, they tend to be left behind. (Variety chart here.)
Overall, there are still Macs and Cortlands to pick, and our (genuinely delicious) Golden Delicious – small, hard and flavor-packed – are finally ready to pick!
The Macouns are getting hard to find.
Of course you can find those 3 classics, and an ever-growing number  of ready-picked apple varieties in the retail stand
! And the free heirloom apple tasting has started. (Variety chart here.)
CALL 6o3/448-1511 about favorite varieties. A disappointed pair left earlier in the month because the Golden Delicious rows were not yet ready. But orchards don’t act like retail stores!



SweetCider4WebOur delicious sweet cider is tearing out of here as usual.
(One reason it tastes so good is that it is not pasteurized. Don’t worry about that, because no dropped apples go into our sweet cider – hence the micro-organism that caused all the trouble can not possibly get in.) Also you can freeze it for later.





WEB Retail Feature272We always start small in the retail stand, and add more and more apple varieties as they become ready to harvest.  Other fall treats: squash, gourds & pumpkins from MacLenan Farm, Taylor Brothers’ maple syrup, and John Morin’s honey, jams & jellies from Apple Hill Farm, and more!  Questions? CALL 603/448-1511!

Most weeks there are different apples to pick, plus more kinds to taste and take home. Big, small, sour, sweet, red, green, yellow, gold, squeezed fresh for Poverty Lane sweet cider or squeezed & fermented for Farnum Hill ‘real’ ciders, the fruit you find here gives pleasure and surprise to just about everyone. (The land around here grows shockingly good apples, some of the best in the world — and some excellent pears too.)  Pick-your-own quietly ends sometime in October, depending on weather – again, CALL!


AppleMedleyBLBA few weeks into harvest, you can explore and pick in our amazing trial orchard, Two Below the Barn, containing dozens of different apple varieties, some early, some very late (variety chart here.)  Be aware that some varieties are coming on early this year, so the times on the chart may not apply in every case. Call! (603/448-1511)

So visit often for: unbelievably good fruit, free tastes of everything we grow or make, free wagon rides on fair weekends, picnic tables all the time, views across the valley, acres of space inside a big fence (kids can run far, but can’t get lost). Local pumpkins, gourds, squash, jams & jellies, but no candy racks, and no pressure.

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