Farnum Hill People

Stephen M. Wood and Louisa D. Spencer, Proprietors Brenda Bailey, Ryan Bishop, Fitzgerald Campbell, Nicole LeGrand Leibon, Wanda Loynds, Jacques Tourville, Jeff Williams

These people do the writing on our website, unless otherwise noted:

Louisa D. Spencer (LDS) is Ma PovCorp, and has been trying to get Farnum Hill Ciders noticed since 2000 when we bravely came down the hill and started pouring and explaining real cider. Thousands of sips and millions of words later, the job has grown bigger and more fun. Stephen M. Wood (SMW) is Pa PovCorp, a great apple grower, bug and fungus expert, cider fermenter, blender, and advocate to fellow-orchardists. The phone is his favorite information technology. Brenda Bailey (BLB) is PovCorp Central Command. She first came up here to pack McIntosh back in the 1970’s. Now Brenda runs the office, the retail stand, the raspberry field, monitors cider-cyber-space, and takes more and more of our best photos (a partial list.)

These people keep the orchard and cider production going. So far they are too busy for website work.

Nicole LeGrand Leibon was one of the first hired full-time here to specialize in cidermaking.  Her extraordinary nose, palate, and imagination moved our ciders a long way in good directions. Two children later she has cut back her cider-room hours, but the Nicole Effect is as strong as ever. Her descriptions appear in many Dooryard listings. Jacques Tourville grew up in orcharding. He does every field job that the year presents, and fixes whatever breaks down.  The tractors & mowers get older and older but he keeps them acting like, um, twentysomethings. He joined us in 2005. Wanda Loynds  for years was a “Jill-of-all-trades,” at the orchard, behind the scenes, on local deliveries and in the retail tent, Wanda’s been working in the Cider Room since 2012. Ryan Bishop comes to us from his family’s orchards in CT and has been at Poverty Lane since Harvest 2012. The cider gets made because Ryan has a great palate, knows all the jobs, does all the jobs as needed, keeps the records and maintains  a continuity that helps gets the most from the part-timers. Fitzgerald Campbell leads field operations, pruning, and harvest crews, not to mention pressing huge amounts of cider. Back in 1993 Fitz first came here with the picking crew. Soon we understood the importance of persuading him to stay year-round. The Poverty Lane pruning video gives some idea why. Jeff Williams grew up in Lebanon, and started working here back in the ’80’s. He does too many jobs to list, outside and inside, in all four seasons.
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