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    Week 14, Orchard Cider Year

    April 6-7 OUTDOORS: Well, we’ve had such monstrously cold nights – 18F, 6F, 8F respectively – that there has been bud-kill already, perhaps huge bud-kill. (See the brownish spots and unevenly darkened tissue in that second crosscut bud? Cells have been ruptured by internal freezing.) Last week we had normal old worries that blossom parts […]

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    Snow Saved Apples from Frost, November 2011

    Lookin’ trendy in the bins. When the weather service starts predicting overnight lows around 20-25 degrees F, harvest gets crazy. A few hours at around 22 degrees will destroy the cell walls within an apple. Most years, not much of the crop still hangs in the open air when hard-freeze scares begin. But in late […]

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    Orchard Walk less walked… for now

    October 1st: Though a perfectly swell idea, the ‘Didja-Know’ walk has been very lightly trodden since 2010-style Pick-Your-Own started last Saturday. Farmstand Hours This actually is good for us, because it allows more time to add new intriguing posters before the END of Pick-Your-Own.  Ordinarily, as PYO ends, the retail tent features a grand and […]