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    Yikes! Orchard on TV suddenly…

    Typical harvest-brain. We just realized the orchard’s on local TV every evening this whole week, starting yesterday! So now we mention  the  NH Chronicle program that airs on WMUR-TV at 7pm. Each weekday evening apparently, the host and producers  are showing short pieces of what they recorded here, with something longer tonight, Tuesday. We enjoyed […]

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    Winter Pruning at Poverty Lane Orchards

    Welcome to the fields in winter! Thanks to Sawyer Broadley, a talented, helpful and patient video guy. PRUNING at POVERTY LANE ORCHARDS

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    FH Cider Forecast: ‘Dooryard’ bottles await labels

    5/20/2011 Dooryard Latest: bottles filled, labels coming. Wow, the paragraphs below look pretty whiny now. For months it’s been Dooryard Dooryard Dooryard in the cider room, kegs going out, good reports so far. Bottles filled up and stacked high. Next big step: find out whether anyone wants all this bottled Dooryard. When the new labels […]

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    Cider Chat with Louisa (Video at 11)

    Another busy week ended with our very own Louisa Spencer featured at Astor Wines, both pouring cider and talking about how she and Steve got into the cider business. Louisa talks cider with Astor Wines, NYC. Take a few minutes to watch when you have a chance! http://vimeo.com/15995782

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    Friends in Far Places

    Regardless of whether Al Gore invented the internet or not, there is always something new to discover online! West Coast force of nature Jacquie Phelan was kind enough to write up Farnum Hill Ciders — and Steve Wood’s annual foray on the bike (100 miles!), a local benefit ride called the Prouty. Here’s an excerpt […]

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    And now, a word from across the pond…..

    Our friends Jim and Fiona are cider fans from England — and they visited last fall sampling ciders around northern New England. Jim recently posted his photos from the visit to Poverty Lane — and was thoughtful enough to also include Gary Vaynerchuk’s Farnum Hill Ciders review. Check out all things cider at his Real […]

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    “Cider is to Apples as Wine is to Grapes”

    A few years ago, our friend Sawyer Broadley (www.sawyerbroadley.com) suggested that we continue progressing into the modern world with a cidermaking video. There are certainly others on the web to enjoy and check out, but here’s our entry, featuring fall regulars like John working the press, Steve chatting about pressing, and Jess using large machines. […]