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    New York Cider Week

    New York City Cider Week usually takes nine days – to celebrate real cider, the fermented kind, with a focus on the growing number of cider-makers in New York State. But back in 2010 when NY Cider Week began, the organizers invited Farnum Hill to become a founding participant. Why? Well, we were the first […]

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    NH: Shaker Museum Cider & Cheese Festival, Enfield

    Beautiful place, beautiful season, delightful refreshments. Easy to find the the fun in this fundraiser. TICKETS: Adults $12, Ages 13 to 17 $8, Ages 12 and under $5, Families of three or more $25 (parents or guardians with children under 18). Email & Phone number below.

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    NH: Cider Tasting New Hampshire Liquor Store Milford

    Here’s Louisa again – this pic was taken last week at a store tasting in the Warner NH Liquor Store.  Come to Milford, taste the cider, this isn’t school or work. But it is fun and quick.

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    NH: Cider Tasting New Hampton Liquor Store #44

    These store tastings are no-frills but yes-fun because so many interesting people stop to taste. Drop in, New Hampton!

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    Peterborough NH Liquor Store Tasting

    Friday at the Peterborough liquor store, drop in between 4:30 & 6:30 to taste Farnum Hill Ciders, our delicious and much-praised local adult beverages.

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    Home-town NH Liquor Store Tasting

    Pop in Thursday between 4:30-6:30 to sample our fine home-town Farnum Hill Ciders. So good for every occasion.

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    Growler Day on Farnum Hill, 12-6PM

    Come fill or refill your half-gallon jugs right here in the cider room each Growler Day. Free tasting before you decide. BRING ID!

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    May 26th Tasting: NH Liquor Store Plaistow

    Summer-ready Extra Dry & Semi-Dry: cool, dry, appetizing, less alcoholic than wine.   Market Basket Plaza 32 Plaistow Rd Plaistow, NH 03865 Phone:(603) 382-8511  

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    May 19th Tasting: Lebanon Food Co-op 4:30-6:30

    Hi locals! Come check out bubbly AND still ciders, dry and slightly off-dry but not, NOT, sweet! The rest of the world drinks 3x more cider in hot seasons – we Yanks forgot that during Prohibition but now we’re figuring it out all over again.  So come taste Farnum Hill’s dry, cool, food-friendly LOCAL orchard […]

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    May 18th Tasting: NH Liquor Store Merrimack #59, 4:30-6:30

    Summer-ready Extra Dry & Semi-Dry: cool, dry, appetizing, less alcoholic than wine, made in NH from true cider apples at our orchard, where they grow. SO local, SO delicious (assuming you prefer dry beverages to sweet ones…) Merrimack Shopping Ctr 6 Dobson Way, Ste A Merrimack, NH 03054 (603) 424-2521

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    May 11th Tasting: NH Liquor Store Nashua

    Summer-ready FH Extra Dry & Semi-Dry: cool, dry, appetizing, less alcoholic than wine. Nashua has several liquor stores! This is NHLC Store #50, on the DW Highway inches from the Mass line.

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    May 5th Tasting: NH Liquor Store West Lebanon

    Taste summer-ready Extra Dry & Semi-Dry: cool, dry, appetizing, less alcoholic than wine.

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    May 4th Tasting: NH Liquor Store New London

    Summer-ready Extra Dry & Semi-Dry: cool, dry, appetizing, less alcoholic than wine.

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    Hanover NH Co-op Store Tasting

    FH Extra Dry and Dooryard 1701, come and enjoy!

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    Week 42, Orchard Cider Year

    October 18, INDOORS: Tasting in the cider-room with Bertrand, a perfume specialist trained (for one example) to detect by the scent of a rose the region where it grew.  Thank goodness we only learned this after our tasting – no time to be humbled!  Because this sensory chore had to get done pronto. Next Tuesday […]

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    See you at NYC Wine Riot 2013?

    Well, you kind of knew that ‘cider’ is the fermented juice of apples the way ‘wine’ is the fermented juice of grapes, right? So you get why for years we’ve poured FH Ciders at big wine shows. The next one is the 2013 New York City Wine Riot, Friday and Saturday September 20th-21st in the […]

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    Noo Yawk Cider Week 2013

    New York Cider Week has been very very good to us in its first two years, so we are happily planning for NY Cider Week 2013, October 18-27th. Confirmed so far, a store tasting on Thursday Oct. 24th at Astor Wines, which since 2002 has purveyed FH Ciders in the Big Fruit. And again we’ll […]

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    September 11 Cider Summit, Left Coast Style…

    Congratulations to our colleagues from Wandering Aengus Ciderworks!  They’ve helped begin a Northwest Cider Association, and also are leading the charge for real ciders next by helping put together the first Cider Summit in Seattle. So Seattle area peeps, be sure to get your fill of US, UK and Canuck ciders for a benefit tasting […]