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    New York Cider Week

    New York City Cider Week usually takes nine days – to celebrate real cider, the fermented kind, with a focus on the growing number of cider-makers in New York State. But back in 2010 when NY Cider Week began, the organizers invited Farnum Hill to become a founding participant. Why? Well, we were the first […]

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    NH: Shaker Museum Cider & Cheese Festival, Enfield

    Beautiful place, beautiful season, delightful refreshments. Easy to find the the fun in this fundraiser. TICKETS: Adults $12, Ages 13 to 17 $8, Ages 12 and under $5, Families of three or more $25 (parents or guardians with children under 18). Email & Phone number below.

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    Week 6 ’17, Orchard Cider Year

    February 7, ’17 OUTDOORS: So here comes a reality-check on the nice neatnik look in the lower pic.  Our first ack-it-broke-down-we-need-it-working-NOW responder is Jacques. Hence, when he observes that scattered cuttings beat up our machines much less than  tidy ones, and the whole job will go more smoothly this Spring if we let the nice […]

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    Week 48, Orchard Cider Year

    December 7, OUTDOORS: So it’s our Jacques and our Steve with  Shacksbury’s Colin and Shacksbury’s David, standing still for the pic but thinking about the stuck forklift over to their right.  That little orange machine was supposed to load David & Colin’s trailer with bins of spectacular cider apples heading from here into their cider.  […]

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    Week 42, Orchard Cider Year

    October 18, INDOORS: Tasting in the cider-room with Bertrand, a perfume specialist trained (for one example) to detect by the scent of a rose the region where it grew.  Thank goodness we only learned this after our tasting – no time to be humbled!  Because this sensory chore had to get done pronto. Next Tuesday […]

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    Week 33, Orchard Cider Year

    OUTDOORS, August 15: Pest monitoring chore: Luke treks  to 34 sticky traps, scrapes off the old bugs and puts on new TangleTrap. Mustn’t confuse old bugs with new on the next monitoring round. Also: 5-6 feet of sorghum sudan grass, seeded late June!  Note also hard evidence that thunderstorms, bringers of welcome rain, also enjoy […]

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    WEEK 28, Orchard Cider Year

    July 13, INDOORS: Well, nearly indoors. This is a typical “twilight meeting,” organized for fruit-grower education. Here you see a dynamic entomologist, Kevin Rice, explaining how his team are working to find out whether the red anti-apple-maggot spheres you saw last week (remember?) can also be used to stop Spotted-Wing Drosophila. SWD is a tiny […]

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    Behind the Chicago Cider Summit and …

    This is Alan Shapiro. Around him, something called a Cider Summit is drawing hordes of happy cider explorers to taste a mad range of ciders.  Since 2010, more & bigger smooth & stylish Summits have happened in various cities every year, thanks to Alan, Mya, Kelsey, Jamie and crew at SBS Imports.  Six years on, […]

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    FHC makes a short list

    A well-informed friend of F-Hill sent this link, which – if you don’t feel like clicking – rates our Dooryard 1502 among The Five Ciders Under $25 You Need Right Now – “you” being readers of punchdrink.com. The other four are European and admirable, so we’re very pleased. Punch called ours the ‘lightest’ of the […]

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    Wassail Hurray!

    Wassail, a cider bar offering a huge variety of well-made ciders and apple spirits, plus cocktails, plus a delicious menu, has opened in NYC. In this photo the place looks quiet but two days later it was jammed with jolly folks for the grand opening  on March 24th. ‘Wassail’ has meant many things:  ‘your good […]

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    Cide by Cide: FH Summer & Bonny Doon Querry

    Here’s a cool summer idea hatched at NH Liquor Commission HQ: put two distinctive ciders of extremely different character together, do store tastings of both, see what happens.  The experiment has begun, in 14 selected NHLC stores (mostly the ones near state lines.)Our 2014 Summer Cider is one of the nicest ever, a limited lot […]

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    FHC in 2 More Books

    Following our new policy of mentioning cider books that mention us, we warmly recommend the newest edition of  ‘Cider, Hard and Sweet,’ a neo-classic by our friend Ben Watson, first published a decade ago. Ben has done more to cultivate this country’s  renewed acquaintance  with cider and its pleasures than anyone else we know of. […]

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    Steve’s in a New Cider Book!

    World’s Best Ciders is a new book by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw, witty Englishmen who spent a couple of days at our orchard in 2011 and investigated everything, laughing at jet-lag, then whizzed onward. Back then they doubted that their book would come out over here.  Apparently publishers in the States didn’t see much […]

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    Thank You, Saveur

    We do love compliments, especially from prestigious periodicals with massive credibility. And modesty is so last-century. SO THREE CHEERS FOR FH SEMI-DRY CIDER and two-point-nine cheers for the many and various other people’s ciders (OPC)  featured in the current issue of Saveur Magazine!!! LDS

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    NY Times Tips FH Xtra Dry for Thanksgiving

    November 15th: The New York Times’ Eric Asimov recommended two Northeastern ciders, Farnum Hill Extra Dry and West County’s Redfield (Colrain, MA) for Thanksgiving. We are delighted for ourselves and for our pals at West County.  http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/15/what-can-i-drink-at-thanksgiving-besides-wine/

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    Celebrating Northwest Cider

    This weekend, the group of folks who make up the Northwest Cider Association are staging a “Summer Cider Day” in Port Townsend, Washington.  We’re particular fans of (and friends of) Dave White (aka Old Timey Dave), who was featured in Hanna Raskin’s piece from the Seattle Weekly.  We are so thrilled that cider seems to […]

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    Cider News Roundup…It’s Spring!

    Hope springs eternal! The resurgence of the cider category (and news thereof….) means we are all hoping that cider is going to be a fact of American imbibing. The charming Chris Lehault (I just met him last month at famed beer geek mecca, NYC’s Blind Tiger) of Serious Eats/Serious Drinks/The Cider Press, shines a spotlight […]

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    Cider News Roundup…mid Feb edition

    Greetings all from Poverty Lane and Farnum Hill!  We have been quite busy traveling, shoveling snow, and launching our Dooryard cider on draft in New York, Boston and the beloved New Hampshire home market.  But happily, we find that cider is again made the news, so here’s a quick sampling of what we’ve found recently. […]

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    Cider: soil & peels, pine crates and autumn air

    Another cyder-space article, by Carly Wray of the Spir.it. Traditional hard apple cider is the spirit world’s safe zone, a Switzerland of sorts where wine, beer, and liquor enthusiasts can lay down their arms and split a killer lamb burger. The best, most authentic versions give a wide berth to their deeply sweet, non-alcoholic brethren […]

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    VT CiderFest Oct 2; West Coast Summit Recap

    David White, a cider enthusiast on the West Coast, was lucky enough to attend last weekend’s Cider Summit N.W., which was a combination benefit and cider tasting.  Whole Foods Market co-sponsored the event and many cider makers were on hand to discuss their ciders. Dave wrote about the event on his Old Time Cider blog […]

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    Listen to Cider History

    Got about 15 minutes?  Interested in hearing about early American cider traditions?  It is well worth your time, courtesy of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities’ radio show, With Good Reason. This interview with Dr. David Williams traces the colonial history of cider, explains how large a “tankard” of cider really is (a half-gallon) and […]