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    Bottle Rocket Store Tasting NYC

    This wine & spirits shop became a landmark remarkably fast – renowned for selection, presentation, education and service. The management have been adventurous, ciderwise, for several years, so we especially value this store. Plus there’s a fancy gin tasting at the same time! So drop on in! A few blocks north of the Flatiron Building: […]

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    Ciderfeast, Brooklyn Kitchen

    All inclusive, indoor, walk around tasting. Survey of cider from around the world. Taste classic cider styles from Spain, France, UK alongside their New York and American cousins. Small plates by chefs, too! Jimmy’s No. 43 Pop Up at Brooklyn Kitchen, williamsburg 100 frost st. Brooklyn NY Entry Cost: $45 BUY TICKETS

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    FHC makes a short list

    A well-informed friend of F-Hill sent this link, which – if you don’t feel like clicking – rates our Dooryard 1502 among The Five Ciders Under $25 You Need Right Now – “you” being readers of punchdrink.com. The other four are European and admirable, so we’re very pleased. Punch called ours the ‘lightest’ of the […]

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    Wassail Hurray!

    Wassail, a cider bar offering a huge variety of well-made ciders and apple spirits, plus cocktails, plus a delicious menu, has opened in NYC. In this photo the place looks quiet but two days later it was jammed with jolly folks for the grand opening  on March 24th. ‘Wassail’ has meant many things:  ‘your good […]

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    See you at NYC Wine Riot 2013?

    Well, you kind of knew that ‘cider’ is the fermented juice of apples the way ‘wine’ is the fermented juice of grapes, right? So you get why for years we’ve poured FH Ciders at big wine shows. The next one is the 2013 New York City Wine Riot, Friday and Saturday September 20th-21st in the […]

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    Noo Yawk Cider Week 2013

    New York Cider Week has been very very good to us in its first two years, so we are happily planning for NY Cider Week 2013, October 18-27th. Confirmed so far, a store tasting on Thursday Oct. 24th at Astor Wines, which since 2002 has purveyed FH Ciders in the Big Fruit. And again we’ll […]

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    NY Times Tips FH Xtra Dry for Thanksgiving

    November 15th: The New York Times’ Eric Asimov recommended two Northeastern ciders, Farnum Hill Extra Dry and West County’s Redfield (Colrain, MA) for Thanksgiving. We are delighted for ourselves and for our pals at West County.  http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/15/what-can-i-drink-at-thanksgiving-besides-wine/

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    Cider Chat with Louisa (Video at 11)

    Another busy week ended with our very own Louisa Spencer featured at Astor Wines, both pouring cider and talking about how she and Steve got into the cider business. Louisa talks cider with Astor Wines, NYC. Take a few minutes to watch when you have a chance! http://vimeo.com/15995782

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    New York and New Jersey, here we come!

    Another week at Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders is concluding in a flurry of work. I have just the smallest sense of what it means to move an army — as we’re deploying three people in three different locations Monday and Tuesday of next week.  We’ll be working in New Jersey with Hunterdon, […]