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    FHC in 2 More Books

    Following our new policy of mentioning cider books that mention us, we warmly recommend the newest edition of  ‘Cider, Hard and Sweet,’ a neo-classic by our friend Ben Watson, first published a decade ago. Ben has done more to cultivate this country’s  renewed acquaintance  with cider and its pleasures than anyone else we know of. […]

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    Holiday Gifting for Cider Geeks, revised

    It’s a big day for Northwest cider and Northwest Cidermakers — the publication of their of Washington State University’s long awaited publication “Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest.” So instead of the latest best seller or Harry Potter knock-off, we recommend this for the cider geek on your holiday list. And […]

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    Columbus Day, Carboys & Cider (Sweet!)

    Greetings from the absolutely beautiful Poverty Lane Orchards!  The upper valley is poised to explode with events of all types — from Windsor’s Harvest Festival tonight to Dartmouth athletics all weekend and fantastic local events in White River Junction Sunday. Leaf peeping is in full swing (check the foliage indicator if you’re really interested) and […]