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    Week 26, Orchard Cider Year ’17: Solstice Update

    It’s the longest day of ’17 and over A MONTH has passed since last Orchard Cider Year post ( #orchardcideryear on Instagram/Twitter), so here’s a  highlight reel of what’s been happening on Farnum Hill and Black Hill. (More photos soon in gallery. Uploading so slow.) In May: Such a bloom. Also HAIL! Both kinds! First, […]

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    Week 35, Orchard Cider Year

    August 29 INDOORS: Our safety meeting isn’t putting smiles on faces, not even with pizza. Steve talks about preventive procedures and protective gear, stressing that no matter how pressured, or hot, cold, hungry/thirsty or tired people get during harvest — all safety procedures must be followed, all relevant safety gear worn.  Everyone strains to concentrate.  […]

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    Week 11, Orchard Cider Year

    March 15 OUTDOORS: Steve  cutting scions – pieces of lively first-year wood – from a Brandy perry pear.  They will be top-worked – grafted – onto younger placeholder pear trees (Asian pear trees, actually) which will become Brandy trees.  We want to make more perry, and also find more perry varieties that grow really well […]