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    Week 37, Orchard Cider Year

    September 15 OUTDOORS: Still the harvest is starting so slowly  that Vivien, Willie, Brown and James (LR corner), in our Back Tourville block, wait for empty bins while Fitz, who’s bringing them, talks to Steve about what other apples should come in today. Once harvest speeds up, nobody waits for bins if we can help […]

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    Our Orchard Picked by Yankee!

    Picked, that is, as one of “New England’s Best Apple Orchards” which feels great as we rush to tidy up for opening day! BUT we agree with the Yankee readers who wrote in to suggest other “bests” dotted around New England.  Why? Because we know & admire most of the orchards on the list and […]

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    Farm Stand Opens Busy

    Windy Sunday! The orchard farm-stand opened yesterday, a crisp day that sent the “PICK NOW” signal to many people. Last weekend, Labor Day, we stayed closed for many reasons, a tough decision when we made it, but when those monsoon rains crashed down we suddenly felt all smart and wise. So far we haven’t picked […]