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    New York Cider Week

    New York City Cider Week usually takes nine days – to celebrate real cider, the fermented kind, with a focus on the growing number of cider-makers in New York State. But back in 2010 when NY Cider Week began, the organizers invited Farnum Hill to become a founding participant. Why? Well, we were the first […]

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    NH: Shaker Museum Cider & Cheese Festival, Enfield

    Beautiful place, beautiful season, delightful refreshments. Easy to find the the fun in this fundraiser. TICKETS: Adults $12, Ages 13 to 17 $8, Ages 12 and under $5, Families of three or more $25 (parents or guardians with children under 18). Email & Phone number below.

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    Peterborough NH Liquor Store Tasting

    Friday at the Peterborough liquor store, drop in between 4:30 & 6:30 to taste Farnum Hill Ciders, our delicious and much-praised local adult beverages.

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    Home-town NH Liquor Store Tasting

    Pop in Thursday between 4:30-6:30 to sample our fine home-town Farnum Hill Ciders. So good for every occasion.

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    Growler Day on Farnum Hill, 12-6PM

    Come fill or refill your half-gallon jugs right here in the cider room each Growler Day. Free tasting before you decide. BRING ID!

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    4:30-6:30 Tasting, North Hampton NHLC Store #68

    Pouring Farnum Hill Extra Dry, Semi-Dry, and Farmhouse. Around the world where apples grow, cider is the coolest summer drink! Our dry, refreshing, NH orchard-made ciders are delicious, food-friendly, and just fun.

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    4:30-6:30 Tasting, Salem NH Liquor Store #34

    Pouring Farnum Hill Extra Dry, Semi-Dry, Farmhouse, and Extra Dry STILL – no fizz. Many people don’t like fizz — the flavor of this cider stands up beautifully without special effects. Around the world where apples grow, cider is the coolest summer drink!

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    Hanover NH Co-op Store Tasting

    FH Extra Dry and Dooryard 1701, come and enjoy!

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    Week 6 ’17, Orchard Cider Year

    February 7, ’17 OUTDOORS: So here comes a reality-check on the nice neatnik look in the lower pic.  Our first ack-it-broke-down-we-need-it-working-NOW responder is Jacques. Hence, when he observes that scattered cuttings beat up our machines much less than  tidy ones, and the whole job will go more smoothly this Spring if we let the nice […]

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    Growler Day 12-6pm WEATHER PERMITTING

    Call 448-1511 on Thursday if the weather looks dangerous! We might have to cancel.

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    Week 45, Orchard Cider Year

    November 7, INDOORS:  Scenes from the 2016 harvest party.  Missing: Otis, Lucille, Megan, Anna, Ashley.  These parties come in two shades: quiet/low-key and loud/dancey. Even at this low-key gala, your reporter finds good pictures of celebrities very hard to get. Names in parentheses are also celebrities but not harvest crew.     November 8 & […]

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    See you at NYC Wine Riot 2013?

    Well, you kind of knew that ‘cider’ is the fermented juice of apples the way ‘wine’ is the fermented juice of grapes, right? So you get why for years we’ve poured FH Ciders at big wine shows. The next one is the 2013 New York City Wine Riot, Friday and Saturday September 20th-21st in the […]

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    Cider News Roundup, pre-harvest edition

    Well, summer is coming to a close at Poverty Lane Orchards.  We’ve noticed that as temperatures drop, the cider world comes to life.  So before we get even farther behind on our scan of cider news, here’s an update from near and far. (CW) First, a huge congratulations and shout out to the Northwest Cider […]

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    Celebrating Northwest Cider

    This weekend, the group of folks who make up the Northwest Cider Association are staging a “Summer Cider Day” in Port Townsend, Washington.  We’re particular fans of (and friends of) Dave White (aka Old Timey Dave), who was featured in Hanna Raskin’s piece from the Seattle Weekly.  We are so thrilled that cider seems to […]

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    Cider News Roundup…It’s Spring!

    Hope springs eternal! The resurgence of the cider category (and news thereof….) means we are all hoping that cider is going to be a fact of American imbibing. The charming Chris Lehault (I just met him last month at famed beer geek mecca, NYC’s Blind Tiger) of Serious Eats/Serious Drinks/The Cider Press, shines a spotlight […]

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    Governor’s Island BrewFest

    If you’re a NY area fan of food, beer and cider, you might want to check out an event this Saturday on Governor’s Island. The 4th annual NY Brewfest, presented by Heartland Brewery, will be held on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 from 3:30PM until 8:00PM on New York City’s Governors Island. The festival is a […]

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    FH Ciders lead NH Beverages on to Capitol Hill

    Noon, Thursday June 10th, Washington DC: Steve & Louisa roll a small family car, bearing 8 cases of NH-made adult beverages, under a Senate office building into a hot dark loading dock full of big trucks. We also have heavy boxes of come-hither literature from NH Travel & Tourism. S&L are used to scooting around […]

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    Growler Origins and June Cider Samplings

    Well, the cider gnomes have been busy, and we’ve shipped out more than 150 cases (and 30 kegs too; those lucky New Yorkers!) this week, mostly of the delicious Summer Cider. We’re starting our weekend early as always with Thirsty Thursday here at Poverty Lane, with growler refills from noon to 6 PM. Not sure […]

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    Out and About, Mid/Late May edition

    Another busy few days for all of us at Farnum Hill Ciders — Louisa is in Brooklyn, working with our retailers and restaurant partners; she’ll be topping off the visit with a tasting Thursday at the ever-popular Heights Chateau. Newcomer Mackenzie is pouring at Downtown Wines & Spirits Thursday in Somerville (so please be nice […]