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    Sleeping Beauty Blinks

    Our last blog post was less than a hundred years ago, several months to be exact, and frankly we’re ok with that. Bigger matters interrupted blogger matters. But here come Spring and Summer, prime cider-drinking seasons the world around! Time for cheer and celebration of cosmic facts like Spring and Summer themselves, while sticking up […]

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    Week 47, Orchard Cider Year

    November 29, OUTDOORS: November is the cloudiest, darkest month around here. But pearl-diamond hybrids hang all over the orchards. Trees move quietly into full dormancy in the next several weeks. We’re starting to beg out loud for a solidly cold snowy winter that lasts till March. And a slow spring.     November 29, INDOORS: […]

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    Week 45, Orchard Cider Year

    November 7, INDOORS:  Scenes from the 2016 harvest party.  Missing: Otis, Lucille, Megan, Anna, Ashley.  These parties come in two shades: quiet/low-key and loud/dancey. Even at this low-key gala, your reporter finds good pictures of celebrities very hard to get. Names in parentheses are also celebrities but not harvest crew.     November 8 & […]

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    Week 43, Orchard Cider Year

    October 24, OUTDOORS: Here’s William demo-ing a shaker-pole.  But the bucket for picking up what comes down is  back in the barn. Today is all shaking, fast as the crew can move.  A possible hard freeze is predicted for tonight – low 20’sF.  The slow-cooling ground will save apples from the icy ruin that threatens […]

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    Eek! Apple blossoms way early!

    Not to over-do the (plant) sex education, apple blossoms produce apples only when their buds survive cold Spring nights. Freeze their little innards, lose your harvest. So, now that weirdly warm February and March have pushed our buds ahead by 20 days, northern fruit growers have something real to stress about. One night of temperatures […]