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    11/30 Hanover Co-op Taste of Tradition

    Two hours of free treats, including our affordably fabulous Farnum Hill Ciders! See full treat list HERE.

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    12/2 Lebanon Co-op Taste of Tradition

    Two hours of free treats, including our affordably fabulous Farnum Hill ciders!  See the full treat list here.

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    NY Cider Week: Murray’s Cheese & Fine Ciders

    Here’s the ticket link for this peak event of NY Cider Week.  Every year Murray’s chooses ridiculously enjoyable cheeses to go with certain craft ciders.  Guests happily astound their senses  and cheer their evenings in a mere 90 minutes. The cidermakers stand up and talk a bit, but we never know whether anyone can tear […]

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    Week 41, Orchard Cider Year

    October 12, OUTDOORS: Now the morning fog lasts till after 8.  In Wednesday’s fog the crew starts a second day in those loaded Dabinett rows, where the trees have dropped a third to a half of their burden. Under the trees behind the tractor – it’s Disney tidy!  So scenic. Then we see the guys […]

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    Week 40, Orchard Cider Year

    October 5, OUTDOORS: Yarlington Mill do their best bittersweet work if they drop before they’re pressed.  On Black Hill, some have dropped but most have not.  Often it’s possible to save time and effort by shaking trees just hard enough to bring down a lot more press-ready apples, leaving the unready ones to ripen further.  […]

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    Week 37, Orchard Cider Year

    September 15 OUTDOORS: Still the harvest is starting so slowly  that Vivien, Willie, Brown and James (LR corner), in our Back Tourville block, wait for empty bins while Fitz, who’s bringing them, talks to Steve about what other apples should come in today. Once harvest speeds up, nobody waits for bins if we can help […]

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    Week 18, Orchard Cider Year

    May 3, OUTDOORS: In past photos you may have seen neat rows of cut branches centered in aisle after aisle of pruned trees – that’s Fitz’s way.  Another way: move through the pruning, then come back later and line up your brush with hooks and pitchforks – like Otis and Luke on a wet Tuesday. […]

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    Week 4: Orchard Cider Year

    January 27 INDOORS:  Nicole, Steve and Ryan are pulling words from complex waves of aroma, tasting a biggish 2014-crop blend batch (>1100 gallons). What additional dash of a varietal batch might make the blend even better?  Nicole usually writes the notes … We’ve needed miles of handwriting every year to bring out the most delicious […]

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    Cide by Cide: FH Summer & Bonny Doon Querry

    Here’s a cool summer idea hatched at NH Liquor Commission HQ: put two distinctive ciders of extremely different character together, do store tastings of both, see what happens.  The experiment has begun, in 14 selected NHLC stores (mostly the ones near state lines.)Our 2014 Summer Cider is one of the nicest ever, a limited lot […]

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    Behind on Blogs….some recent mentions

    We have had a couple of recent reviews and mentions, the first from NYC-based Hoptopia of our XDry Still Cider (perhaps our cider maker’s favorite offering). RELEASE: Year Round THE ABV. 7.5% | IBU’s. ? THE NOSE: Musk, Tarragon, Leather, Gooseberry, Pear Juice THE TASTE: Radish, White Cranberry, Pineapple, Dill Pickle, Iceberg Lettuce THE BOTTOMLINE: […]