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    Behind the Chicago Cider Summit and …

    This is Alan Shapiro. Around him, something called a Cider Summit is drawing hordes of happy cider explorers to taste a mad range of ciders.  Since 2010, more & bigger smooth & stylish Summits have happened in various cities every year, thanks to Alan, Mya, Kelsey, Jamie and crew at SBS Imports.  Six years on, […]

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    Cide by Cide: FH Summer & Bonny Doon Querry

    Here’s a cool summer idea hatched at NH Liquor Commission HQ: put two distinctive ciders of extremely different character together, do store tastings of both, see what happens.  The experiment has begun, in 14 selected NHLC stores (mostly the ones near state lines.)Our 2014 Summer Cider is one of the nicest ever, a limited lot […]

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    Steve’s in a New Cider Book!

    World’s Best Ciders is a new book by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw, witty Englishmen who spent a couple of days at our orchard in 2011 and investigated everything, laughing at jet-lag, then whizzed onward. Back then they doubted that their book would come out over here.  Apparently publishers in the States didn’t see much […]

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    Thank You, Saveur

    We do love compliments, especially from prestigious periodicals with massive credibility. And modesty is so last-century. SO THREE CHEERS FOR FH SEMI-DRY CIDER and two-point-nine cheers for the many and various other people’s ciders (OPC)  featured in the current issue of Saveur Magazine!!! LDS

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    FH Cider Forecast: ‘Dooryard’ bottles await labels

    5/20/2011 Dooryard Latest: bottles filled, labels coming. Wow, the paragraphs below look pretty whiny now. For months it’s been Dooryard Dooryard Dooryard in the cider room, kegs going out, good reports so far. Bottles filled up and stacked high. Next big step: find out whether anyone wants all this bottled Dooryard. When the new labels […]

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    Terry Maloney plus Cider on Maine Public Radio

    CiderDays is a community event celebrating all things apples in Franklin County, Massachusetts. 2010 marks the 16th year of this event and there will be two days of orchard tours, cidermaking and tastings, workshops and much more. This is for all who love apples, fresh or hard cider, apple cuisine, apple orchards or just being […]

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    Cider and Apple News Roundup

    Yup, it’s fall!  So the cider news ticker is exploding.  Some of our recent mentions for your perusal follow… From the lovely and talented Sarah Chappell on Palate Press, an overview of cider today in the US.  This segment makes the cut due to David Flaherty’s spot-on description of Steve Wood, our very own grower […]

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    BevX.com Cider Features

    The minute I spoke to Sean at BevX.com, I suspected he might have some experience drinking cider. From his charming accent to an interest in rugby and single malts — well, you can imagine, I’m sure! So his online magazine dedicated to beer, wine, spirits, travel, and fun seems to be hitting the spot. Subscribe […]

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    Cider apples keep you healthy, so drink up!

    When we are introducing ciders to a new audience, we often are asked about the health benefits of fermented apples. Ciders are lower in alcohol than wine, and are naturally gluten-free. But wait — there’s even more, from a study at the University of Glasgow. Here’s their update on the health benefits of cider, from […]