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    Week 44, Orchard Cider Year

    November 3, OUTDOORS: Last day of apple harvest! Finding the crew by following wagon tracks across ground-frost, hearing fast&gentle thumping of apples scooped into buckets, spotting guys powering through the last odds & ends, snapping pics & getting out of the way!  There are field chores left to do but maybe a week left before […]

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    Week 40, Orchard Cider Year

    October 5, OUTDOORS: Yarlington Mill do their best bittersweet work if they drop before they’re pressed.  On Black Hill, some have dropped but most have not.  Often it’s possible to save time and effort by shaking trees just hard enough to bring down a lot more press-ready apples, leaving the unready ones to ripen further.  […]

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    FHC in 2 More Books

    Following our new policy of mentioning cider books that mention us, we warmly recommend the newest edition of  ‘Cider, Hard and Sweet,’ a neo-classic by our friend Ben Watson, first published a decade ago. Ben has done more to cultivate this country’s  renewed acquaintance  with cider and its pleasures than anyone else we know of. […]

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    “Cider is to Apples as Wine is to Grapes”

    A few years ago, our friend Sawyer Broadley (www.sawyerbroadley.com) suggested that we continue progressing into the modern world with a cidermaking video. There are certainly others on the web to enjoy and check out, but here’s our entry, featuring fall regulars like John working the press, Steve chatting about pressing, and Jess using large machines. […]