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    Farmhouse Cask in Burlington; Farmhouse Tap & Grill

    Perhaps some of Farnum Hill fans out there know that we’ve been working on building our presence in the wild world of beer. Fortunately, our neighbors right across the Connecticut river — that is, Vermonters — have some of the best craft beers (and beer bars!) around. We have been working with Paul Sayler at […]

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    Behind on Blogs….some recent mentions

    We have had a couple of recent reviews and mentions, the first from NYC-based Hoptopia of our XDry Still Cider (perhaps our cider maker’s favorite offering). RELEASE: Year Round THE ABV. 7.5% | IBU’s. ? THE NOSE: Musk, Tarragon, Leather, Gooseberry, Pear Juice THE TASTE: Radish, White Cranberry, Pineapple, Dill Pickle, Iceberg Lettuce THE BOTTOMLINE: […]