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    Week 38, Orchard Cider Year

    September 22, INDOORS: It’s hard to photograph Wanda because she moves so fast but Brenda caught her at each end of a siphon hose, racking barrel batches into a cube tank.  She seems to have noticed the camera.  BTW that word “ACID” looks kind of sinister but really it means “wicked acidic juice for balancing […]

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    Week 20, Orchard Cider Year

    May 19, OUTDOORS:  This was a nice-looking 5-acre orchard bearing several different heirloom varieties, not all cider fruit, till Steve decided to plant for more efficient future cider-apple production.  The photo is boring on purpose. Fitz will have a slow day plowing the whole field at less than walking pace, jumping down whenever a plow-stopping […]

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    Week 9, Orchard Cider Year

    March 1 OUTDOORS: No new snow. Fitz & Jacques are nearly through pruning our old trial orchard, planted in 1961 but now sporting scores of obscure varieties grafted on during the ’80’s. The tryout years are long past, so this orchard now opens for pick-your-own each fall. Those blue signs guide the public: numbers key […]

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    Week 6: Orchard Cider Year

    February 10  INDOORS: Look! Nicole LeGrand Leibon, aka Her Sensory Amazingness, home from the West Coast after teaching sensory analysis to hordes of attendees after #CiderCon!  It’s hard hard work helping people’s minds to separate, isolate and name the many (& changing) strands of aroma, flavor and texture  woven into a sensory “experience.” (Also exhausting […]

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    Our Orchard Picked by Yankee!

    Picked, that is, as one of “New England’s Best Apple Orchards” which feels great as we rush to tidy up for opening day! BUT we agree with the Yankee readers who wrote in to suggest other “bests” dotted around New England.  Why? Because we know & admire most of the orchards on the list and […]

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    FHC in 2 More Books

    Following our new policy of mentioning cider books that mention us, we warmly recommend the newest edition of  ‘Cider, Hard and Sweet,’ a neo-classic by our friend Ben Watson, first published a decade ago. Ben has done more to cultivate this country’s  renewed acquaintance  with cider and its pleasures than anyone else we know of. […]

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    News Too Much To Fit

    OLD NEWS: 2012. 1. Farmstand: Unbelievably wet days chained together during much of September, rain coming down like the bars of a cage, particularly during the traditionally apple-mad weekend at the end of the month. But people have poured into the orchards during the drier times and trooped in pretty steadily during the soggy bits. […]

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    Tuthilltown Spirits’ visit to PovCo

    When Tuthilltown’s Hudson Whiskey was recently featured in Food & Wine Magazine, (with a terrific photo of their distillers on left, © Darryl Estrine) I sent a congratulatory email to the charming and capable Joel Elder from Tuthilltown Spirits, who had visited us in May. Not only did he write up a short guest blog […]