Raspberry Runup

Our Summer Pick-Your-Own starts sometime after Independence Day and lasts as long as the fruit lasts. Meanwhile, a lot happens in May & June: here’s a quick look.
On June 7th, last year the Reveille and Killarney, our earlier varieties, were just sporting their (low-key) bloom. By JULY 7th, there were enough ripe ones to open the gates!
Meanwhile the pie cherries and black-currants had already flowered, been pollinated, and showed fruit – the raspberries seemed far behind. But raspberries move amazingly fast once they start!
Raspberries after pollination

So these drab flowers

Thanks to pollinator bugs, flies, ants, everybody

made these fancy treats,


and these green marbles

Cherries Mid-close

became these beauties.

Raspberries & Blackcurrants

We hope to see you in the berry field this July 2017.  Details later as Nature allows!

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