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Best Cider Steve PressWe got a huge amount of attention for Steve’s semifinalist nomination for the James Beard award. It was no surprise when the finalists did not include our first-time, first-cidermaker guy – look at those names!  They are on the James Beard Foundation website. It’s kind of fun to scroll down a tall tall stack of all kinds of finalists to the tiny list under Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional. Here’s the James Beard Foundation link. Maybe some day our boy will be as famous as those people, but not in 2014. Meanwhile here’s what he looks like in the World’s Best Ciders book. Now he needs to write his own book – which is sort of happening. More about that when it’s more real.

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From 21st Feb 2014: It’s not a joke, unless some cider maniac hacked the James Beard website!  Steve Wood/Farnum Hill is listed as a semifinalist for a James Beard Award, along with 19 bright lights of the beverage world, under ‘Outstanding Wine, Spirits or Beer Professional.’ We know some of those nominees and we’re amazed to be listed with them. What sparkling news! Goes beautifully with ice and snow! Brings attention to orchard-based Stateside ciders! Delightful for all the people here on Farnum Hill and out in the marketplace who have worked long and hard to make good ciders and/or to make them known! Here’s the James Beard link if you don’t believe it. We don’t really believe it.


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