During harvest farmstand season, Growler Day turns into ‘Thirsty Thursday’: $2 off growler refills all day at the cider counter in the tent!
(Friday through Wednesday of course we’re happy to refill your growler for full price.)
OR BRING YOUR OWN HALF-GALLON GLASS BOTTLE. NO PLASTIC PLEASE. Cider orchards the world around sell their on-farm fermentations to locals bringing in refillable containers.  Here, you come taste the kegged ciders on offer, buy a half-gallon growler for $3 (the cost of glass went up), fill it for $12, refill in future as needed. In Fall, when we’re open all the time, you can get refills any day. So growler-wise, what’s special about fall Thursdays? $2 off the refills. Map & Directions       Contact P.S.  Kindly understand that we don’t redeem the one-time cost of your growler bottles: the whole idea is for you to keep’em and keep refilling’em. (If you go off cider, pass your growlers along to others. They also convert very nicely into lamps.)

Winter & Spring, G-Day takes place most – not all – Thursdays. You can join the email list, otherwise you have to check the calendar or join us on Facebook for exact Growler Days and other specific info.

New to G-Day?  Drive straight down to the longest, lowest building in the dooryard, on your right where the ground flattens out. Then walk through that long, low building to the cider room. We supply this helpful info because the arrows and signs we’ve tried don’t always work so well.  Once you’ve done one Growler Day, you won’t forget.
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