Growler Days

98 Poverty Lane signsHalloween 2018 has passed, the retail has moved to its November den, and we’re back to appointed Growler Days for growler refills. They happen most Thursdays till next fall, 12-6pm in the cider room. We’ll do as many  G-Days before Thanksgiving as we can  – for email notices,  join the email list.  Or check each week  on Facebook.
To triple-check dates, CALL 603/448-1511. ALWAYS bring ID!
2018 Old News It’s Fall! The orchard is open every day! So growlers are available every day, but each Thursday – they’re $2 off! Like cider orchards the world around, we sell direct to locals who bring in refillable containers. EXCEPT in Fall, our Growler Days happen roughly every other Thursday from 12-6pm in the cider room. Info below: For exact Growler Days and other details,  join the email list, otherwise you have to join us on Facebook or check the calendar.  For email reminders, sign up here. Or check our Facebook page.
Winter, Spring & Summer, G-Day comes about every other Thursday, noon to 6pm.  On your first G-day, make your way into the cider room. Then, taste the kegged ciders on offer, buy a half-gallon glass growler for $3, fill it for $10, refill in future as needed. Or if you already have your own growler jugs, bring those.
Cider orchards the world around sell their fermentations to locals who bring in refillable containers.  They’ve done it for centuries, we’ve done it for about eight years now. Map & Directions       Contact
P.S.  Kindly understand that we don’t redeem the one-time cost of your growler bottles: the whole idea is for you to keep’em and keep refilling’em. (If you go off cider, pass your growlers along to others. They also convert nicely into lamps.)
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