VWM-Avada-Logo-0.54in-x-0.36in-300dpi-01Vermont Wine Merchants have now added Farnum Hill Ciders to their  distinguished list of offerings.  We appreciate their reputation for good taste and good business sense. We were drawn to VMW way back in maybe 2004, when Louisa poured Farnum Hill in their Burlington offices. They gave the same practical response many other tuned-in trade people had given: FH ciders tasted delicious to adventurous palates, but their market wasn’t yet ready to accept such dry, singular character in ciders. So now, joining Vermont Wine Merchants brings us a particularly happy signal that American orchard ciders are giving real pleasure closer to home, not just in big trendy markets. Vermont appreciates local New Hampshire pleasures! See the Vermont Wine Merchants’ home page, including a nice news feature on Farnum Hill.

Summer CupolaBeautyBTW, those bluish hills on the far side of our cupola – that’s Vermont, a scant mile or so for birds, across the Connecticut River. The camera makes it look a bit closer.

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