‘Inside Cider’ Booklet

For BIG PICTURE information that helps SELL ALL CIDER BRANDS –

Here’s a handsome, fun, fact-packed, FREE brochure designed for you and your contacts in the trade.  It will help you describe any cider. It will save you and your accounts time and trouble. Ask for as many as you want, we’ll send them.  

Helps sell ALL CIDERS

Small, (4″w by 5.5″h), accordion/booklet style, brief yet comprehensive, easy to use, hard to throw out.

Crazy? Nope. Basically, we think every cider in the U.S. helps build the market for all ciders in the U.S. But people in the trade still have trouble talking cider knowledgeably, the way they already talk beer or wine. That’s why ‘Inside Cider’ makes sense.  Thanks to Prohibition, today’s cider is very new in the States, with plenty of room to expand and elaborate. As with other beverages, cider choices range from mass-market brands all the way to limited, land-based labels like Farnum Hill.

So far, the bigs help the smalls. EXAMPLE: This is the seventh year Farnum Hill  ‘Summer Cider’ has been quietly, regionally recruiting new cider explorers. Recently, other ‘summer ciders’ have appeared. Cider is now nationally promoted for summer. Do the pioneers on Farnum Hill feel snarky? No, no, no.  Summer sales are good for every cider. Big-buck marketing of any fermented cider helps our orchard-based ciders.

Back in 1999, both the trade and the public heard ‘cider’ and pictured delicious seasonal brown juice often linked with donuts. Hearing ‘hard cider,’ they pictured  fizzy sweet fluid often linked with bad decisions.

Now, the trade and knowledgeable consumers grasp  ‘cider’ as a category of alcoholic beverages offering various satisfactions at various prices, from sweet/fizzy/familiar onward toward dry/complex/singular/unfamiliar. Everyone else has at least loosened their personal definition of ‘cider.’ (These basic steps bring the cider market to about where the U.S. wine market stood in the 1960s, just before explosive growth began.)

 With mammoth corporations marketing cider, more people will try entry-level ciders. More will become knowledgeable. People with discriminating tastes in wine or beer will learn that cider too offers manifold distinctions. And on we go.

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