Farnum Hill Tweet Recap?

FHC logo:Twitter?Each Tuesday night in August, we teamed up with Tina Morey at Protocol Wine Studio for a hour of cider chat on Twitter. We covered FHC history, talked about apples, and commented on incoming tweets about cider, cider tasting, the US cider market scene, favorite food pairings, and whatever else came down the stream.
       For Steve, Louisa and Corrie this was all new – “chatting” with a host of people without seeing faces or hearing voices – and it was super-fun. Expert tweeters no doubt know how to swiftly write something worth reading in 140 characters or less, but we need practice! Nevertheless an amazing number of sharp people joined in, many of whom were tasting our ciders at the time.
      So we had a new kind of fun.  But —  what did those Tuesday tweet- fests do for American cider? We’d love to know whether they drew cider drinkers toward dry ciders, orchard ciders, and of course Farnum Hill in particular.  Watch this space for reports and data – if  we can find any  – on Twitter-push efforts.  If you have views or facts, do tell @LDSpovorchards, @farnumhillcider, @FHCnicole, or via our contact page.




Here’s the schedule for the four week program.
Tuesday, August 4 – Farnum Hill Ciders and Poverty Lane Orchards: Old Orchards Abroad Inspire New Orchards at Home  

While other New England orchards sold off land for development, Poverty Lane Orchards made an unheard-of commitment. Steve Wood and Louisa Spencer join us to discuss the decision that changed their part in the apple and cider industry.

Tuesday, August 11 – Cider Growers, Orchard CidersWhat are True Regional Ciders? 

Growers in other regions around the U.S. are finally planting cider orchards. Land-based regional cider character will eventually re-emerge from our soil. Like wine, orchard cider begins with particular fruit, grown on particular land.  Local pride, tourism, and the reputations of serious cidermakers will all play into its advancement.

Tuesday, August 18 – The Tastemakers Session

Who’s serving what, and why? As we ask for cider in various drinking establishments, what will we find? Mass-produced ciders or orchard ciders? Domestic or imported? All of the above? Let’s discuss.

Tuesday, August 25 – The Big Cider Tent

As in any industry, everyone involved in cider is asking “Where to next?” Cider-makers, large and small, still occupy a tiny fraction of the U.S. drinks market – do they all help each other at this early stage? And what is the public’s perception of the cider market?  A fad, a growing, durable land-based industry, or something else?

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