Farnum Hill Extra Dry Still

Extra Dry Still is the most austere blend we make: no bubbles, no dosage of returned sugar, nothing but New Hampshire-grown cider apples parading their best in any given year. Pale-gold and radically dry, Extra Dry Still displays its richness and range of fruit more vividly than Extra Dry, simply because no peppy prickly bubble sensation can intervene. FH Extra Dry Still is made from a range of late-harvest, difficult cider apple varieties, and nothing else. Alcohol content 7.5% by volume. 750 ml. bottle, straight cork with capsule. (Open with a corkscrew.) Still ciders are traditional in the rest of the world but tend to startle people here. However, we meet lots of people who just plain don’t drink bubbles and are fascinated to find good ciders without them. Sharp and tannic, our XDry Still amply freshens the palate and the mood without benefit of sparkle. Like its bubbly cousins, the XDry Still gives great pleasure with spicy dishes in Indian, Thai-, or Szechuan styles. It also highlights delicate flavors: fish, mushrooms, omelettes, artichokes, rice dishes, or what you will. For extreme dry wine fans, the foods often paired with white or red wines should work well with our Extra Drys, except where you might want a soft, buttery, malolactic effect (white), or a big lush tour-de-force wine “experience” (red). Extra Dry Still does a keen, clean, aromatic number, highlighting a wide range of companionable flavors. Do please let us know of your pairing discoveries — good or bad!
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