Summer Cider

Available May-September Summer Cider is our only seasonal label. This year’s is almost sold out at the orchard.  A few bottles are left in some NH liquor stores, here and there in New York & Massachusetts. We’ll have some for sale at the farm-stand for local customers who like to sip on FH Summer once summer itself has passed.
every SC we try for something un-sweet, but also markedly un-tannic compared to other FH ciders.  SC’s existing fans welcome its bright upbeat pleasures.  Newer cider explorers in theory find fast fun in its fresh, fruity, food-flattering flavors. Bewitched  by our Summer Cider, they later thrill to the tricky tannic turns performed by more mysterious FH blends … No kidding, it works.

Farnum Hill Summer Cider is golden and gently sparkling, blended to remind people in the States that good ciders make ideal summer “wines,” something the wider world never forgot. So in this one we go for prominent fruit and keen acid, soft-pedaling the tannic, earthy notes common to the other FHC blends. In Summer Cider the fruits are rich, the citrusy notes are strong, with gentle sweetness in the background. It’s a bit like whiskey sours, without the alcoholic whack. Summer Cider’s alcohol by volume is our usual, around 7.5%.  AVAILABLE MAY THROUGH SEPTEMBER while it lasts — more goes out each year and sometimes we miscalculate. (Some people put cases down cellar in order to drink Summer all winter.)

It feels a little silly to recommend food pairings for Summer Cider. Can’t we just lighten up in summer? It’s got the good clean FHC finish, and will help anything from your pasta salad to your lobster taste extra-great. Don’t know about your tofu dog, but would love to hear. Summer Cider’s acidity might make war with certain acidic treats like sharp tomato sauces or vinegary salad dressings. We get different opinions about how it goes with sweets, so will leave you to experiment.

Consider SC with (and over) fruit salad, or you could flip the situation and drop a few berries or a slice of peach into your glass. Great for summery punch, sangria or even with a shot of fizzy ginger ale! Like our others, Summer Cider tastes best to us at about 60 degrees F., but if you chill it down or chuck an ice cube in we won’t tell the cider room crew.

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