Farnum Hill Kingston Black Reserve

Unusual: makes good cider w/o blendingSOLD OUT TILL NEW FERMENTATIONS MATURE Kingston Black technically is a “bittersharp” apple variety. In the English-speaking cider world that means its high tannin and acid levels make it a suitable cider apple: however, its sugar level, at least growing here, regularly yields 8.5% alcohol. So it can make cider all by itself, which is not common. We release a hundred or so cases of ‘Special Reserve,’ made only from this apple, in years when our KB is showing all its charms. This is a still cider, in a 750ml bottle with straight cork. Its aromatic and flavor hooks range from floral through fruity (muskmelon) through hormonal suggestions on to further sensory tricks, viz. whiffs of candle-flame and turning off the phone. Like many distinctive flavor signatures, that Kingston Black je ne sais quoi is loved by some but not all. With food it performs a version of the FHC effect, lending savor and vividness to many different foods. However, unlike our other ciders, Kingston Black in our view belongs with subtle dishes, rather than with spicy or otherwise rowdy flavors. Note that not only Kingston Black’s alcohol but also its price is quite high for a cider. But it’s worth it when you have time to pay attention to the treats before you. P.S. In old apple variety names, the word “black” means “extremely dark red.”
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