Farnum Hill ‘Farmhouse’

Farnum Hill ‘Farmhouse’: Alcohol content: 6.5% by volume. Available in 750 ml bottles with mushroom cork & wire hood. Our most casual cider, pale gold, bubbly, with a hint of sweetness amid tart, bitter, and fruity elements: citrus, pineapple, bittersweet apple, and a whiff of good barnyard funk. Farmhouse isn’t madly astringent but shows a certain tannic bite. A clean, appetizing finish makes it congenial with food, from the snackiest to meatiest and whole-grainiest. Fond of English or Irish commercial ciders? You may like our Farmhouse, though its sweetness is a fraction of theirs. Picture a fresh-tasting second cousin to Magner’s (alias Bulmer’s Ireland), and slash the sugar. ‘Farmhouse’ is more of a pub cider than our others, with less complexity, and a point less alcohol. ‘Farmhouse’ is blended from a group of real cider apples that ripen earlier than most. So it’s a bit easier to make and less expensive to buy. Farmhouse Cider can seem more bitter and feel more rustic (rough?) than our more elegant blends. You who wince at Farmhouse might find pleasure in our smoother, more complex Semi-Dry. Be aware that none of our ciders is sweet and none is dominated by fresh-apple flavors any more than wines are dominated by fresh-grape flavors … (For the ultimate in tannic astringency, pop on over to certain farmstead operations in the West of England. Any of their serious bittersweet ciders convulse the oral membranes with eerie power. Ageless residents of rural Somerset or Hereford can chat and sip all day, gently propped against barrels, freed by cidrous tannins from time and harm. Or that’s how it looks.)
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