Help Selling Cider

Cider in glass with Bottle

Words:  Cider Talk and Terms

Handout & Sign DOWNLOADS:

Shelf Talkers: Sheet I Farmhouse, Kingston Black,  Dooryard,  Summer   Sheet II Extra Dry, Extra Dry Still, Semi-Dry

Posters, Cocktail Info, Production detail: Additional Downloads HERE

Cider Ed for you or your accounts: Get ‘Inside Cider’ PDF’s

Need Us?:  Contact Corrie for

store tastings, festivals

staff tastings/briefings,

ride-arounds with salespeople,

custom signage, table-tents, graphics

or any special requests. Also…

Background Information

Cidermaking Video: Simple summary of Farnum Hill process.

Cidermaking Presentation (Powerpoint): Simple summary of Farnum Hill process.

Cider Facts: More detailed account of Farnum Hill process.


Send us contact info for your accounts.
We can:

MAIL OUT SHELF TALKERS and display-rack header signs to stores each season.

POST stores and restaurants on our WHERE-TO-BUY webpage.

For Off-Premise Cider-Space

Got STACKS? CASE CARDS are available on request.
Want RACKS? FHC’s display racks are available in limited numbers (freestanding, pine,  about 5 feet high, 20 inches wide, 18 inches deep, capacity 3+ cases.) We send out header-signs seasonally, direct to accounts with racks.

Don’t forget the power of DONATING CIDER for

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: We DONATE cider to NON-PROFIT EVENTS, small and large, whenever legally possible. With some planning, we can show up to pour at special events. Whenever you get requests for in-kind donations, think FHC and contact Corrie.


For the large-format posters, Contact us.

Cider Cocktails, 8.5 x 11 inches;  Cider Cocktails large, 20 x 3o inches.

Cider Apples, 8.5 x 11 inches;  Cider Apples large, 20 x 3o inches.

Cider History, 8.5 x 11 inches;  Cider History large, 20 x 3o inches.

Real Cider Beauty, 8.5 x 11 inches  Cider Drink Local, 22 x 14 inches.


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