FHC Calories, Gluten, etc.

Bathing Beauty Bottles

Bad beach dream. Better they should stay in the cooler.

Hot times call for dry cider. Wherever cider traditions flourish, the rest of the world drinks 2-3 times more cider in spring and summer than in fall. FYI, Farnum Hill ciders sport between 13 (Farmhouse) and 18 (Kingston Black) gluten-free calories per fluid ounce. Dry white wines average about 25 calories per ounce, and red wines more. PLUS: our tannic ciders contain those antioxidant health benefits without the red-wine calories! Why? Cider apples! Gluten-avoiders can happily pour real cider: it’s gluten-free because real apples are gluten-free. And thirsty people keep their poise through more glasses of cider than of most other beverages … So cool.
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