Farnum Hill Extra Dry Perry

Solo Perry2From 2014 juice we finally made a dry still perry that we liked enough to bottle.
Compared to pear juice it tastes – maybe the way Cubist pears look, compared to the fruit in your bowl? It beguiles the senses with aromas and flavors that spring from pear-ness in unfamiliar ways.
Total yield: 45 cases, half of which is quietly going out in NYC while the other half has sold pretty steadily around here.  As usual the F-Hill meaning  of ‘Extra Dry’ is ‘zero sugar whatever.” Note also an ABV of 7.2%.
And of course we hope you won’t chill our perry below red-wine temperatures: somewhere in the 50sF.  Mustn’t suppress its subtle tannic tricks.

By now American ciderphiles won’t be surprised that, just as the best ciders rely on bitter, bitter cider apples, the best perries need furiously bitter pears. Ours boasts Barland, Brandy, Butt, Green Horse, and Hellen’s Early. Many years passed before our perry pear trees graciously produced enough New Hampshire fruit to yield more than experimental batches. But practice helps!  All kinds of people are liking this first FH Perry, not just us.

750ml hock bottle, straight cork with capsule
12 per case

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