Farmhouse In Cans!

The ancient Farnum Hill Fear of Canning died after last fall’s CiderGrown collaboration. Now in shining armor comes our own new ‘Farmhouse’ release, riding into NH, NY, MA, NJ and maybe more states in time for Thanksgiving. Our distributors will have them pronto.

Back in 1999 when every canned cider was made fast, cheap and sugar-heavy, plus artificially flavored, we had to put Farnum Hill in big cider bottles that said “this is like wine.”  Since, canning  technology has improved. Hand-made beverages of character pour out in the same excellent shape as they poured in.  So, people choose to pay what those cans need to cost. Phew! Cans recycle far better than glass, which helps too.  So we’ll see how this release goes for our little hillside cidermill. Let’s hope we can do it again bigger! Soon!  (CiderGrown background here.)
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