Dooryard 1409 (All drunk now)

This one’s an intact 2009 fermentation batch, strong to Yarlington Mill, Ellis Bitter, Esopus Spitzenberg, and Ashmead’s Kernel.   It’s been maturing in a barrel since we racked it last spring.  Only ten 5-gallon kegs (the one barrel) are going to a few lucky local accounts.  We put it in kegs because we were afraid we’d drink the whole barrel if we didn’t move it on.  It smells amazingly of coconut and other tropics, cream, vanilla, and dried fruits.  It goes down the hatch with pleasure.  No bubbles, no filter, nothing but curiously delicious cider. But it’s Dooryard, so just drink it and be happy. In kegs in New Hampshire: at Ramunto’s (Lebanon)  (all drunk now) at Seven Barrel Brewery (West Lebanon)  (all drunk now) at Whaleback Mountain (Enfield)  (all drunk now)
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