Dooryard 1203 (Kegs)

 We made a few kegs of this Dooryard while blending the next Farmhouse Cider.  It’s made of an early-2011 bittersweet fermentation, (Ellis Bitter and Ashton Bitter), and a couple of later ones of the same year (Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett). The acidity and fruitiness come chiefly from Esopus Spitzenberg and Golden Russet.  This cider is very close to the Farmhouse that will be available in bottles in May — lots of citrus, quinine, bittersweet apple, and general tropics, with a strong tannic structure underneath. We like 1203 a lot.  Only on draft, only in New Hampshire (but Farmhouse bottles will be with you all soon).


In kegs at the orchard

In kegs in New Hampshire:

at Barley Pub (Dover)

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