Dooryard 1134 (Bottles and Kegs)

So.  A caveat.  The whole idea of Dooryard is that things change.  Up here, the weather changes, the crops changes every year, even some carefully tended barrels and tanks change over time.  Which means that our batches change because even if we really like something, it is nearly impossible to replicate, simply because the parts don’t exist.

Except this time.  We had more of our big blend base (#1124) and a second barrel of Ida Red, one of our newer blending friends, discovered last year as a saviour amongst a very low crop of acidic apples. We could make the same blend! Again!  It got a new batch number, because the barrel was a diferent barrel, and the cube tank we blended from was a different one, but the ingredients are the same.

Why, you wonder?  We liked this in kegs. It is fruity, refreshing, a teeny bit sweet, and nicely balanced between the acidity and the broad bitterness.  And you guys liked it. Drank a LOT of in. Ran us out so fast, in fact, that we had to hustle to make more Dooryard cider. So this time, we put some of the yumminess in bottles, too.  


The nose has citrus, tropics and BSA, with a bit of fresh apple (always elusive). The taste is a refreshing blend of tart fruits and leathery BSA, with a bit of sweetness and bubble.  The finish follows the taste, with warmth and apple carrying on for a good while.

This one is bubbly, fruity, and easy to like.  (Nicole)

In kegs at the orchard (all drunk now)

In kegs in New Hampshire:

at Seven Barrel Brewery (W. Lebanon) (all drunk now)

at Flatbread (Portsmouth) (all drunk now)

at Barley Pub (Dover) (all drunk now)

In kegs for NY distribution by:
Union Beer, NY

In kegs for MA distribution by:
Craft Brewers, MA

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