Dooryard 1123 (Kegs only)

This Dooryard is based on the same two late-2009 fermentations as Dooryard 1109  — lots of Yarlington Mill and Dabinett (bittersweets), Golden Russet (fruity), and Wickson and Esopus Spitzenberg (acid).  It’s a little bit off-dry, with a strong bittersweet structure, and bright acidity at the end. Smells of peach, tropics, orange peel, and honey, and tastes the same, with a little quinine-like bitterness.  You can only get this one in New Hampshire.

We like it a lot, and it won’t last long. (SMW)

In kegs, only in New Hampshire:

at Salt hill Pub (Lebanon) (all drunk now) 

at Ramunto’s (Lebanon)

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