Dooryard 1122 (all drunk now)

This Dooryard is a very small batch, containing a lovely mishmash of apples.  It’s got a fair portion of late-season 2009 fruit (Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, Yarlington Mill, Ashmead’s Kernel, Wickson, etc.), a bit of an early 2008 fermentation (strong to Somerset Redstreak and Major), and a good splash of 2010 Esopus Spitzenberg.  We have a few kegs, and two barrels — that’s it.  Smells like orange and orange peel, pineapple and other tropical fruit, dried flowers, and ripe strawberries.  All that carries on into the taste, with nice bright acid, broad bitter, and some sort of warm spicy thing.  Fun.

We’ll go through this Dooryard pretty fast.  Drink up while you can. (SMW)


In kegs at the orchard only, thus far  (all drunk now)

In kegs for MA distribution by:
Craft Brewers, MA (all drunk now)





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