Dooryard 1121 (Kegs)

This batch is likely to become our next Semi Dry.  It’s made chiefly from a Dabinett and Spitzenberg fermentation from the 2009 crop, with a bit of Chisel Jersey and Yarlington Mill, and a smattering of bittersweets from the earlier part of the same harvest.  To that, we added a barrel of 2009 Golden Russet, and a couple of barrels of 2010 Spitzenberg.  It’s slightly off-dry, with a gentle sparkle.  We like the tropical, peach, and floral aromas, and the citrus fruits, blackberry, tannic structure, and bright acid that come into play when it gets into your mouth.

If you’ve enjoyed our Semi Dry ciders, you’ll love this Dooryard. (SMW)

In kegs in New Hampshire:

at Salt hill Pub (Lebanon) (all drunk now)

at the Barley Pub (Dover) (all drunk now)

at Seven Barrel Brewery (Lebanon) (all drunk now)

at Flatbread (Portsmouth) (all drunk now)


In kegs for NY distribution by:
Union Beer, NY



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